The importance of self-care

I am feeling so inspired by the Chakra theme I chose this term for my classes, it resonates so deeply with me. My root chakra especially.

The chakras are the seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. The Chakras are described as being aligned in ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The function of the Chakras is to spin and draw in this energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

The chakra blocks we experience are all a direct response to how our mind and emotion’s react to life. The disconnect and energetic block we feel is the struggle, pain and suffering we experience. Unblocking the chakra’s is very close to my own personal healing journey right now – it’s a life’s journey and it feels right to bring you with me on this healing process.

I also bought the chakra theme to the Self Love Restorative Yoga Workshop I facilitated on Saturday. The morning focussed on unblocking the heart charka and provided a deeply restorative and soothing experience for all.

I’ve since received messages of gratitude saying how relaxed, peaceful and well people slept!

I can’t emphasis enough the power of deep restorative relaxation. The state of peace and stillness I witness in my workshop and classes is palpable. The pure calm people allow themselves to feel is why I choose to teach this style of yoga both in workshops and my weekly classes.

It’s my upmost belief that with the busy, stressed out lives that we lead, self love and restorative rest is a non-negotiable. It’s essential to our whole state of being that we give ourselves the time out we need in order to rest and BE. To take the time to calm the mind and connect with our hearts. To self care and allow ourselves this time without guilt!

We all seem to live such busy lives this state of busyness can quickly lead to burn out. When we get to this stage our energy dips and we lose our alignment to source – in other words we change to an energetic frequency that means we begin to attract the things in our lives that we don’t want!

Restorative rest, self care, time out, stillness, breathing, eating well, laughing, dancing, movement, yoga, meditation, music, nature, reading, learning all of these these free and attainable things will raise our vibration and bring us back into alignment with our light, love and joy, the place we need to be in order to manifest abundance in all aspects of our life.

Self care is the ultimate in self love. Make it your number one priority each day! I know that this may seem unattainable and damn right selfish, well it is because you need to be self-ish! Unless you are willing to love yourself don’t expect things to change in a hurry.

I get up before the rest of the house each day so I can meditate, journal and practise kundalini yoga. This to me is a very important part of my day. I feel ready to greet my loved ones with grace and ease. I’ve had ‘me time’ and I don’t resent doing household chores or the school run. In fact I am deeply grateful for being able to do all of these things! By making time for self love, you’ll soon find you’re able to respond to life in a whole new way. You’ll sleep better, feel happier and you’ll show up in your daily life with ease.

Yes, self care is with outdoubt my secret to a successful life full of love, compassion and kindness.

For some deeply restorative yoga find yourself a blanket and a couple of big cushions or a bolster if you have one. Come on to your back, place a cushion under your legs beneath the knees and put the blanket on top of you as you lay down in shavasana or corpse pose (a deep relaxation pose ready for relaxation). Let your feet fall apart and your fall arms away from the body palms facing up. Relax and soften your face, now focus on relaxing your shoulders, chest, belly, buttocks, legs, feet and arms. Just allow yourself to completely let go, bring your focus to the breath and tune in you heart. Allow yourself to breath and receive love.

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